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iOS 12 Launcher for Android App Download | iOS 12 like Theme ( Free )


Download iOS 12 launcher app for Android phones to turn your UI completely into awesome looking apple iOS 12 update.

Apple announced iOS 12 & macOS mojave at its annual WWDC 2018 event with a lot of features on both mobile & computer operating systems.

With iOS 12 expected to go live on June 26th, many already started searching for the release date to try out everything that’s announced out there.

While one can get only wallpapers of iOS 12 & Mojave, there are thousands of Android users who would love to convert their android phone to iphone look alike with theme.

iOS 12 has got some visual make over, so it would be a treat for anyone to use iOS 12 like app launcher which turns your traditional looking apps, icons, notification tray, message notifications into almost like apple device running iOS 12 software.

Though it is impossible to get iOS 12 port into your android phone, it is possible for app developers to change the way your phone look.

There are many who’re big fan of apple devices but can’t afford to buy it, those users do check iOS 12 like theme for android to download and use it so they can feel like using an iPhone itself. A little happy.

Apple iOS 12 Launcher for Android :

iOS Launcher Download : Get it on Play Store

iOS 12 Lock Screen: Download

Please post your feedback about the launcher app, so that if it’s getting negative review with issues, we’ll remove from listing and include one with better ratings, features.


  • iOS X like App icons
  • iOS 12 like App drawer
  • Notification tray like iOS/iPhone
  • iOS 12 like Lock screen with customisation
  • Battery/SIM/WiFi/Mobile Data Signal bar like iOS 12

Supported OS:

Android Marshmallow, Noughat Oreo, P

These are some of the features that will be coming with the iOS 12 launcher for android.

You may also check out Android P launcher app for any android phone which bring all cosmetic look & functions of Android P OS update to your phone running older version of android software

You’ll be flooded with so many apps with similar name but i’ll try to download , try & list only those which are genuinely convert your android phone look like iPhone running iOS 12.


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