Running out of storage & Want to upgrade iCloud storage on your Apple devices? Here’s simple way to do that.

In this simple guide, i’m showing you how to upgrade from basic free 5GB plan to higher storage plan on your mac device.

icloud storage,upgrade apple icloud,how toApple iCloud offers 50GB at Rs.75 or $0.99,  200GB at Rs.220 or $2.99, 2TB at Rs.750 or $9.99

Every apple user gets 5GB Free storage which obviously won’t be enough to store our thousands of photos, docs & videos.

Although there’s Google Photos app where you can store unlimited photos & videos, if you really want to stay with Apple, then here’s how you can go for monthly paid cloud storage plan.

Upgrade iCloud Storage on Macbook Air/Pro & iMac :

  1. Goto System Preference
  2. Click “iCloud
  3. Now click “Manage
  4. Now you’ll see new page with option to choose Storage Plan
  5. Choose your appropriate plan , Click Next
  6. You’ll be upgraded & will receive receipt from Apple within next few sec.

Upgrading iCloud on iPhone/iPad :

  1. Goto Settings
  2. Tap on your profile ” Apple ID
  3. Scroll a bit & tap on “ iCloud
  4. Now tap on ” Manage Storage
  5. Then “ Change Storage Plan
  6. On Upgrade iCloud Storage page -> You’ll see Current Plan and below you’ll see higher storage Upgrade options.
  7. Choose whichever plan you want to & thats it.

Good thing with apple icloud is you can downgrade anytime you want, no questions asked.

Simply goto the same ” Manage ” page & click ” Downgrade” and go with free plan or a lower price plan.

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