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Any.Do Task Manager App 2018: Best Todo List App ?


Any.do is one of the most popular todo list & task manager app out there.

As you already know there are quite a few dozen apps that offers similar features, i remember it’s one of first app i’ve used or knew back in those days.

Available for android, iOs and as an extension for Chrome, Firefox and other browsers, it stands out from the crowd.

any do task manager app downloadThere’s another app Todoist, but it’s little expensive over any.do and here are some of premium features that comes with the paid plan in addition to those features that comes with basic free version.

Any.Do Features:

  • To-do List
  • Plan your day on Calendar
  • AI Any Do Assitant
    The Premium Plan comes with basic+ following features,
  • Unlimited any.do moments
  • Unlimited Collaboration
  • Customize Themes
  • Location based reminders
  • Customize recurring tasks
  • Unlimited attachments
  • Passcode protections

Any.Do can integrates with Gmail, Slack, Google Calendar, Exchange, iCloud and makes it easier for you to add tasks & reminders.

The simple UI does makes it unique among its competitors in its segment.

While the free version offers most of the essential features, if you want to improve your productivity even further then the premium plan would do that very well with lots of additional features.

Normally, if you go & sign up for Any do premium you’ll be charged $2.09/month for one device annually.

If you would like to add unlimited devices if you like to keep it synchronised across multiple platforms like app, web, extensions, you may need to go with Unlimited Devices lan at $2.24/month annually.

Don’t want to pay it for 12 months upfront ? You may also go for a monthly plan for $2.99/month.

Try the app first with free trial, go for paid plan once you’re satisfied with the overall features, simplicity, UI.

Apart from features, the only thing that i found disappointing is lag, the chrome extension takes time to load, same with the app ( i’m using on an iPhone ).

If this is not looked into & improved, people won’t even use free plan.

If the team at any.do can improve on reducing loading time of the app, chrome one click function, then users with free plan may even would love to pay for the premium app.

Are you using Any.DO app? Do post your review on comment section, so that it helps other users as well.


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