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Android Pie Launcher Free Download for Any Android Phone Running Old Version


Install Android P Launcher app to converts your phone look like it’s running latest Android P Operating System released by Google at an event recently.

If you’re not lucky enough to get latest Android P update from your phone maker? Well, here’s how you can experience it installing Android P Launcher app for free Download.

Android P Launcher app downloadAndroid P is Google’s latest software update for its mobile operating system announced at Google I/O.

While there are few devices listed in Google Android P developer preview site, received the OS update. There are hundreds of phones from numerous manufacturers yet to get it.

Even some of the most popular android phones from big brands fails to receive Android P due to the UI change they add it on top of AOSP.

Since most of the brands customise it with their own Skin, hence the delay to add new features onto their Skin.

Not to worry, as we’ve solution for this with Android P Launcher app which solves this until you get it officially from your phone maker.

Android P Launcher Download:

As of now, there are dozens of Android P launcher apps listed in Google Play store with only very few does what it says.

I’ve tried most of them, found this launcher app which does the job pretty neat.

Download P Launcher App: Play Store

As far as what feature does the app brings to your android phone, here it goes,

– With latest Androidâ„¢ 9.0 P launcher features, available for ALL Android 4.4+ devices
– A-Z classified launcher app drawer, it is easy to find apps
– P Launcher has unified circle app icons, you can select your prefer color of icon base
– Support 5000+ launcher themes and almost all third party icon packs (iconpack).
– P Launcher has many online beautiful wallpapers
– Gestures support: swipe up/down, double tap, two fingers gestures, etc.
– Hide App support
– Useful tools on P Launcher side screen: Torch, Cleaner, Battery saver, Storage manager and Favorite apps
– Unread counter for SMS, missed call and other apps, just get notified from icons on launcher screens
– Support edit app icon and app name individually
– Launcher grid size option
– Launcher app icon size, icon label, color option
– 10+ launcher search bar style option
– Launcher Dock background customization
– P Launcher has Drawer background color option
– Lock launcher desktop, prevent from getting mess by kids
– Hide status bar

With many more features slated to be added to the launcher, this one is most popular, with highly rated app available as of now.

If you’re fan of apple devices, why not try all new iOS 12 launcher for Android to convert your phone look like iPhone.

Download P launcher, run Android P Os on any android phone without the need of installing custom ROM.

Wait for the official update from your phone maker, meanwhile you may also try app like this to have the visual feel & experience the new features launched by Android team at Google.

Which Android P launcher app are you using as of now ? Have you tried P Launcher app already ? What’s your experience using it , let us know it via comment section.


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