India’s No.1 mobile operator Airtel announced new 4G data plan offering 300GB of internet data with unlimited voice calls for a year or 360 days.

After Reliance Jio’s entry Airtel is announcing so many new plans and changed pricing of 4G data package making it more affordable for the end user.

The new plan directly takes on Jio’s yearly plan that offers 350GB of data for a cost of Rs.4,999 .

Although Jio’s offering is 50GB higher than Airtel’s plan but the price seems to be cheaper than it for sure.

Yes, Airtel 300GB Data plan comes at a price of Rs.3,999 only.

If you would like to know what would be the monthly cost for the plan, it comes to Rs.334 / month for 25GB of Data.

Airtel recently announced new plan of Rs.349 which offers 49GB of Data for 49 days with same unlimited calls.

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When you see all these new offers & data packs from Airtel or Vodafone, what do you think?

When they can offer data at this price now, why did they priced 1GB of data for Rs.294 back in 2015 till Jio’s entry into the market.

Think of yourself. Do share your views on comments.


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