Here’s a guide on How to deposit money on Unocoin wallet using Google TEZ UPI app to buy Bitcoin for trading.

As more people comes to know about Cryptocurrency, bitcoin in particular they want to try their luck by investing at least a small amount to see how much profit they’re making.

In India, there’s huge interests developed among people in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin thanks to its aggressive growth in a year.

So, obviously everyone is searching for where to buy bitcoin in india ? As you know there are few companies that offers bitcoin wallet in India, one among them is Unocoin & other Zebpay.

Although both offer same features, you would see different pricing of bitcoin on each platform depending on various factors including the demand for buy & sell of bitcoins.

If you’re going to buy bitcoin on Unocoin, there are only two options,

  1. NEFT/IMPS/NetBanking
  2. PayU

Though the fastest way is using PayU gateway to deposit money, but the best way of depositing money on unocoin is through the first option, you save 1.9% transaction fee here.

How to effectively use NEFT / Netbanking payment option to add money on unocoin account. The answer is, using UPI Payment wallet apps like Google TEZ, BHIM, PhonePE.On this guide, we show you How to add money on Unocoin using Google TEZ app in very simple steps.

Google TEZ runs on top of UPI payment system developed by National Payments Corporation of India ( a govt organization ).

Steps on How to Add Money on Unocoin using Google TEZ:

Here’s simple step by step guide on adding indian rupee on unocoin wallet using google tez app to buy bitcoin in india.

Open Unocoin App – It’s available in Google Play Store & Apple Appstore.

open unocoin app

– Enter your Unocoin PIN or use TouchID to login

– Tap on ” Rupee sign icon ” to Add money to your Unocoin wallet.

open unocoin to add money to buy bitcoin

-Now tap ” ADD INR ” option to add your desire amount to the INR wallet.

click INR to add money to unocoin

– Enter the amount you want to Deposit to your unocoin account and tap Next, the minimum amount should be Rs.1000.

add amount to buy bitcoin on unocoin

Now make a note of UNOCOIN Bank Account details, you have to deposit money only from the account you’ve verified with Unocoin.

unocoin bank account for deposit

Next, You’ll see a message like this ” Your request to deposit 1000 ( amount you entered ) has been recorded. Kindly go ahead and do the deposit to our bank account “.

unocoin add money on wallet

Now, we need to deposit the given amount to Unocoin inorder to buy bitcoin.

Let’s see How to transfer money to Unocoin from Google TEZ wallet app.

Open your TEZ App, and tap Rupee symbol icon at the bottom.

open TEZ app

Now tap ” + ACCOUNT NUMBER ” option,

Add unocoin account on tez app

On next page, Enter UNOCOIN’s bank account details that you noted few sec ago and click “ PROCEED ” .

add unocoin bank account on tez app

Once the account is added, you can instantly initiate payment transaction from Google TEZ app. Just tap ” START PAYMENT ” option.

initiate payment on tez

On next screen, enter the exact amount you’ve just entered in Unocoin app and tap ” TICK” icon.

enter amount to transfer to unocoin

– Next page, you’ll see PAYMENT PROCESSING progress, and within few sec the payment will be completed.


Make sure the BANK Selected is same as the BANK you’ve verified.

Here you can change if your primary BANK Account is different than the one you want the money to transfer from, just tap on the DROP down option.

choose verified bank account google tez

Next if your bank account selected is not your desire account, choose the bank from the list or ADD Account,

choose bank account to transfer money to unocoin

Next You need to just enter “ UPI PIN number ” for this bank account to complete the transaction.

enter UPI PIN to complete payment on tez,unocoin

Now, you’ll see “ You sent Rs.1000 ” with status ” Payment Succeeded” message on Tez app transaction page for Unocoin.

get UPI reference ID on tez app

Just TAP on the PAYMENT SUCCESS message to view your ” UPI Transaction Number ” .

getting reference UPI reference number on tez,unocoin


Now you’ve successfully, made payment to UNOCOIN bank account, and also got the REFERENCE Number

The final step is to just Copy the Transaction Number from TEZ app and paste it on Unocoin app’s REFERENCE number field.

add UPI reference number on unocoin app

Once done.

You’ll get SMS saying & Push Notification saying that your Amount has been added to ” Unocoin INR Wallet “.

Now Check your “Transactions” page for whether the amount you’ve added is Deposited to your wallet.

amount deposited on unocoin app

As you can see, i’ve recently deposited Rs.2500 through TEZ App and the amount has been successfully processed & added into Unocoin’s account.

And also you’ll see the BALANCE Rs amount on the homepage itself.

You may start Buying BitCoin using the amount just added.

Watch Video on Adding Money on Uncoin Bitcoin wallet :

I’ll share another article on ” How to Buy BitCoin on Unocoin in two simple steps “.

Hope you find this guide useful on adding funds on Unocoin using Google tez wallet app through UPI Payment.

If in case if you find difficult to understand the procedures or you need video tutorial of the same ?

Let me know in comment section.

Due to growing large number of transactions on the app, On an average it takes about 8-10 hours to get the amount credited to your unocoin account.

If you still don’t see the amount credited to Unocoin wallet after so many hours ? try tweeting the support with user id, they’ll look into it.

But still if the users are very high then even response from twitter takes more time.

On our next article, we’ll see how to withdraw money from Unocoin to your Bank account in simple steps.



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